Safeguarding in Education Establishments

This page lists safeguarding information relevant to professionals working in educational settings. For allegations see the Managing Allegations Against Adults section (click on the shortcuts on the left).

More procedures and guidance which will be used by a wider groups of professions can be found on the Policies and Procedures page of this website. Education staff are expected to use these too.

The new Bromley Education Matters website is the one stop shop for all Education professionals in Bromley to access information for Bromley education providers. You will find the safeguarding policies below also there, as well as wider information for education providers.

> Keeping Children Safe in Education KCSiE latest version comes in to effect in Sept 2023. This includes additional responsibilities for filtering and monitoring internet sites. LGfL has good free resources on this at

> The Government's 'Running and Managing a School' and 'Schools: Statutory Guidance' contains all the national information required and includes safeguarding responsibilities:

> The NSPCC website has useful resoures for schools including lesson plans on key topics, summaries on safeguarding legislation, factsheets and briefings.

> Need help writing a safeguarding policy for your organisation? Look at the NSPCC site for practical tips, a useful checklist and a free policy template.

Other useful documents

> When to call the police - guidance for schools and colleges
> Developing Dynamic Lockdown Procedures at your site (NaCTSO Guidance)
> NaCTSO Guidance re Bomb Threats
> Bomb Threats Checklist
> Discussing a terrorist attack with children in school - guidance for primary and secondary phases
> Guidance on using Photographic images
> NSPCC Protocol for Dropping off and Picking Up before and after school
> Protocol for Children not Collected from School

What does the Education Safeguarding Senior Practitioner for Bromley do? Watch the short video below: